Patron Who Captured Sergio Garcia's Missed Masters Putt on His Phone is America's Most Wanted Man


Sergio Garcia had a very makeable putt  on No. 18 Sunday to win the Masters. He missed it rather badly. Considering Garcia’s history in majors, this was a soul-crushing experience for all involved.

A guy in a red shirt, for some reason, reacted like he’d been personally wronged and went viral for his raised palms pose (on Palm Sunday!). But friends, I am more interested in the fan to his immediate left.

The one whose cell phone case matches his floppy hat.

He is so busted. Millions of viewers worldwide saw him clearly violate the very sacred and very serious no cell phone rule at Augusta National. He made all articles like this one, that goes to great pains talking about how the policy makes for a better experience. He rendered all those great quotes about how the Masters is about stopping to smell the azaleas, not for swiping right on Tinder; how it’s about Hogan’s bridge, not streaming Hogan’s Heroes.

It’s tough to imagine how nervous the not-so-subtle phone photographer is this morning. The consequences of having a phone on the courses are no laughing matter. A lifetime ban could be coming.

If you’re thinking that’s a bit harsh, consider this is the sport that rewards fans for calling in rules violations from the comfort of their couches. The rule of law is very, very important.

Floppy hat phone man may want to find a safe house and lay low for awhile until things blow over.