Patriots Players Now Openly Questioning What the Plan Is on Offense

New England Patriots
New England Patriots / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

All summer long, beat reporters and analysts questioned what the hell the New England Patriots were doing on offense. Nobody thought giving the keys to the offense to the Matt Patricia/Joe Judge combination was a good idea. Yet Bill Belichick brushed off any and all concerns in media appearances, assuring everyone that things would be just fine when the snaps started to matter.

Well, the snaps started to matter last Sunday and what did the Patriots do? They managed all of seven points against the Miami Dolphins. Mac Jones was under fire all day and eventually got hurt. And, of course, New England lost to their divisional rivals yet again.

There was absolutely nothing to inspire hopes that matters would improve going forward. Yet these are still the Patriots and everyone was going to act like things were fine until they're not, as has been tradition over the last two decades. But Jakobi Meyers bucked that trend in speaking to Mike Girardi and admitting that, while he still has full confidence in the coacing staff, he does have questions about what the plan is and how they're going to attack.

Yeah, that's not great! Meyers has been around for a while and knows how things work in Foxborough. Yet even with that knowledge he still spoke his doubts aloud-- and to a reporter, of all people! Belichick is undoubtedly displeased about this, as is Patricia.

But he's one of the few positive contributors offensively who wasn't affected too much by the change in scheme this offseason, posting four catches for 55 yards in his season debut. The Pats can't afford to bench Meyers, as they've been wont to do in the past when someone says something they shouldn't to media members. We'll find out if Meyers' concerns are well-founded when New England takes on the Steelers later today.