Patriots Claim Jim McNally Called Himself 'The Deflator' in Reference to Losing Weight


As Tom Brady begins his fight against his 4-game suspension – and it’s going to be a battle, that’s for sure – the Patriots are coming to their QB’s defense. They just dropped about 10,000 words in response to the Ted Wells report, and of the many great nuggets to emerge, there’s this:

Jim McNally, who allegedly disappeared with footballs and deflated them to Tom Brady’s liking, called himself “The Deflator” in text messages … because he wanted to lose weight. Really!

I’ve never heard someone use “deflator” to reference losing weight … maybe it’s a Boston thing? As much of a reach as this might be, there do seem to be other texts to back this up. So maybe this is a wash, and the appeals committee says, “ok, we throw that out.”


Oh boy, when Tom Brady’s suspension gets overturned, Roger Goodell is going to be in deep trouble with this bosses.