Let's All Put Bill Belichick On the Hot Seat and See What Happens

Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Bill Belichick is the most decorated coach in the history of the National Football League. He's won six Super Bowls but has failed to lead the New England Patriots to another one since Tom Brady decided to explore different pastures. Mac Jones has had a slightly less successful first few years than the legend he was tasked with replacing and has only a Wild Card round loss to show for his efforts.

Belichick is 70 years old and everyone has pretty much assumed that he'll be the one to decide when it's right to end a long and productive marriage. What with the unrivaled winning and epic dynasty and tremendous amount of goodwill he's earned with a city that seemingly rolls one championship parade into the next one.

But things change. We've lived long enough and weirdly enough to see the Boston Globe's Ben Volin put Belichick on the hot seat going into a make or break season.

Just a few days after Tom Curran of NBC Boston said essentially the same thing to Pat McAfee.

Bill Belichick. Hot seat. Hot seat. Bill Belichick. Say it over and over again until you allow yourself to think it's real. Because that's all hot-seat chatter is before there's a final action.

Now, sure, there are several more months before the Patriots start playing meaningful games. A lot could happen between now and then and they could get off to a hot start. But a lot could conceivably go wrong. New England is already the third-best team in their division and we all think Aaron Rodgers will improve the New York Jets.

Whispers about another improbable breakup will grow louder. And there is no shortage of people who have dreamed of such a day. Like a lot of the biggest moments in life, it feels different than we thought it would. Quieter. Sadder somehow.

Knowing Belichick, he'll probably find a way to go 13-4 and make an AFC Championship Game out of spite. That might keep him safe for another year or two.