Patrick Peterson Rumors: Nothing to See Here?


Here lies the last remains of Patrick Peterson being traded rumors on Tuesday, April 23. They lived fast and died quickly, but as they say, only the good die young.

A flurry of rumors exploded on Twitter today just before the East Coast lunch rush. For a second, Pro Bowl defensive back Patrick Peterson was headed to the Chiefs, according to former WR Antonio Bryant. Then actual reporters said there was no substance to those rumors. Then ProFootballTalk said there was substance to the rumor of Peterson being traded. Then PFT said his report had no substance.

The whole thing started at around 11:40 a.m. It was all over by 12:11 pm.

Of course, the Cardinals trading Peterson has been an open topic of conversation. That’s because Peterson actually demanded a trade at one point, before walking back his demand and apologizing.

But when Peterson posted the photo below on Instagram today, featuring some of his old teammates and a suggestive caption, the trade scenario got legs again.

So we know Peterson is watching out for snakes, which could mean just about anything or nothing at all. What is for sure at this point, however, is the media is reporting all their reports about Peterson being traded were wrong, so guess we’re back to him playing for the Cardinals. For now.