Patrick Mahomes Says It's Too Early to Compare Him to Tom Brady, But He's Wrong!

Best friends.
Best friends. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are destined to spend the next decade or two being compared (and then Brady might retire). For now though, Patrick Mahomes says it is still too early to compare the two quarterbacks who met in the Super Bowl just a few months ago. Here's Mahomes in Sports Illustrated:

"I mean, it's still early for the LeBron-Michael Jordan stuff but for me, if you're in this league then you're trying to win," Mahomes said. "You’re trying to be the best player on that football field every single day. Tom’s done it for a long time and he’s won a lot of Super Bowls. When you’re coming up and watching football, you want to go out there and win championships like he’s done. I’m going to try to do whatever I can every single year to put us in a position that we can win a lot of championships, hopefully.”

This is a very measured take from Mahomes. Brady has been doing this for so long that it's really unfair.


When was the last time you compared the start of their careers? Mahomes is absolutely out to a Joey Chestnut-type pace where if he plays as long as Brady he'll have eaten so many damn hot dogs. Sorry, got lost in the metaphor there.

Mahomes and Brady both sat their first seaons behind veterans wearing the number eleven. Both guys took over in year two. Both guys went to two Super Bowls before they turned 26. Brady won the Super Bowl in his first and third seasons as a starter and Mahomes won the Super Bowl in his second.

Statistically though, it's not close. Mahomes throws more passes and completes a higher percentage. He throws more touchdowns, fewer interceptions and takes fewer sacks. It's the same thing in the playoffs where Mahomes has thrown 17 touchdowns in eight games while Brady only had to throw six in six games to win two championships. Maybe the key to that was Brady taking just five sacks in those six games while Mahomes has been taken down 17 times in the playoffs so far.

And if you really think about it, this is a great place to end a blog post about Patrick Mahomes versus Tom Brady on a slow Friday in July. We'll see you all back here in a couple weeks to do it again.