It Would Be Insane if Patrick Mahomes Retired Today

Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes has hundreds of millions more reasons to smile this morning, which he can add to his already-long list of blessings. The current and long-term future Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is in the infancy of his career and when it's all said and done he could go down as the best to ever line up under center. It would take something disastrous happening on the event horizon to keep him out of the hallowed halls of Canton so there's no reason point in debating if he'll be an eventual Hall of Famer.

But what if, on the heels of signing a big, lucrative contract, he had awoken this morning and thought, you know what -- forget all this, I'm going to pursue a secondary dream of becoming a weekend shift sales supervisor at a local Toyota dealership? Would he make the Hall of Fame then, based on a brief and stunning career?

That's the question they explored on First Things First. And Nick Wright came down firmly on the side of yes.

This is good content. Someone really brought it to the morning production meeting this time. Wright may be correct as non-baseball Halls are quite easy to get into.

What I'd like to point out though, with some certainty, is just how insane it would be if Mahomes quit football to become a car salesman right. Or any other job. He is so good at football and is 24-years-old. His salary is competitive. Things are going well for him.

I, for one, would be floored. Yet it's always good to be prepared so appreciate the mental exercise.

Imagine trying to be a liquor store employee trying to get everyone to take your Mahomes retiring scoop seriously today. Everyone would assume you had personally drank the six bottles of champagne unassisted.