Patrick Mahomes Refusing to Stick to Sports Left the NFL With No Choice To Either

Stephen Douglas
Patrick Mahomes and Roger Goodell
Patrick Mahomes and Roger Goodell / Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes will not stick to sports. Last week he was one of the main players involved in the Black Lives Matter video. That's why Roger Goodell went on video and apologized last week. That's why the NFL will stand behind players kneeling this season. Because Patrick Mahomes is just starting what should be a legendary career.

Patrick Mahomes is an MVP, reigning Super Bowl champion, human highlight reel and the biggest star in the NFL for the next decade if fans are lucky. He is the face of the NFL and he appears ready to speak for those who don't have his platform and make the world a better place for everyone. Lofty goal. Would you bet against him?

Via ChiefsWire:

"“We are people too,” Mahomes said. “I feel like those people [who say stick to sports] have kids and they understand that their kid could play sports and their kids could possibly be in the same position that we’re in. They would want their kids to show their heart and show who they truly are and try to affect the world in the most positive way possible. That’s what we believe that we’re doing. And so obviously, we know that not everyone agrees with everything that you’re going to say. Just know that when we say stuff, we mean it and we care and we want to make the world the best place for our future kids and for generations to come behind us.”"

This isn't like when Colin Kaepernick took a knee and lost his job. He was seasons removed from the Super Bowl, stuck on a bad team and not playing well. The league was able to turn their backs on him and Eric Reid and ignore any other player who took a knee because the general public only noticed long enough to complain. With Mahomes, the NFL has no choice but to embrace and encourage societal change.