Patrick Mahomes and Rashee Rice Yelled on the Sideline at the End of Regulation


The Kansas City Chiefs drove down the field to force overtime at Super Bowl LVIII on a last-second field goal from Harrison Butker. On the previous play, Patrick Mahomes threw the ball to Travis Kelce at the pylon for an incompletion. As the Chiefs returned to the sideline words were exchanged between Mahomes and receiver Rashee Rice, who felt he was running free down the middle on the play.

Replay showed that Rice had run across the middle and might have been able to score a Super Bowl-winning touchdown on the play, but Mahomes was looking Kelce the entire way.

Mahomes looked just as fired up as Rice during the sideline discussion, probably frustrated that he missed him. Given the situation, Mahomes was probably always going to Kelce no matter what.

Whatever happened, the Chiefs tied the game at 19 to send the Super Bowl to overtime for the second time ever.