Netflix's New 'Quarterback' Series Shows Different Side of Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes / Chris Unger/GettyImages

On Wednesday, Netflix released its newest docuseries titled Quarterback, which followed Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota through the 2022 NFL season. As a former MVP and multi-time Super Bowl champion, Mahomes is obviously going to draw the most interest of the trio and clips have already begun to circulate showcasing the personality of the superstar quarterback.

Two of those clips in particular stood out in terms of giving the audience a side of Mahomes they may be unfamiliar with. The first is from the Kansas City Chiefs' 17-point comeback win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football last October. Mahomes was talking a whole lot of trash to Maxx Crosby after throwing a touchdown pass. It starts off as fairly run of the mill trash talk before he starts yelling "you woke up the wrong motherf---er."

We know Mahomes is an elite competitor and all elite competitors like to get feisty, but I don't think many people knew he had that sort of fire. Or at least didn't know he let it loose on the field in such a manner. The way he described just blacking out and yelling things is similar to Joe Burrow hollering "I'm him" after a playoff touchdown pass against the Buffalo Bills.

Speaking of! This is the second clip that helps illustrate Mahomes' fiery temperament as a competitor, this time off the field.

It's fun to see Mahomes like this. He's pretty composed when the interview cameras are on and doesn't really rise to the bait when it comes to things like the Bengals calling his home stadium "Burrowhead." It seems that is not always the case. It probably is not news to Chiefs fans (or avid mic'd up viewers) that he's like this but for the general populace he comes across as a lot different here than when he's up on stage accepting his latest piece of hardware.

Should be a fun series to watch as the NFL season draws near.