Patrick Mahomes' Fiancé Brittany Matthews Sprayed Champagne All Over Chiefs Fans

Rob Carr/GettyImages

As her fiancé put the finishing touches on a football masterpiece and advanced to the AFC Championship Game, Brittany Matthews delivered a champagne shower to the plebes seated below her suite at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday night. And wouldn't you know it, the event happened to find its way onto social media. What are the odds?

Okay, pretty good but here is the footage anyway.

Barstool Sports has published a thinkpiece titled The Whole World Is Rooting Against The Chiefs Because Of How Annoying His Brother And His Wife Are, which accurately captures the general feeling of a certain sect. But honestly, if you can't pop the top and shower the masses in a minute of pure joy like this, what's the point of it all? If my significant other was arguably the greatest physically gifted quarterback of all time I'd be dousing strangers with champagne in my everyday life. At the bank. The taco stand. Funerals, maybe.

Speaking of funerals, how about this Bills fan who tempted karma only to have his heart split into a million pieces?

What a choice.

Haters will be taking a deep breath this morning upon the realization there could be another month of content coming from Mahomes' fiancé and brother. Promises, as always, to be a wild ride.