Patrick Mahomes Did His Part in the Election

Patrick Mahomes and some potential voters.
Patrick Mahomes and some potential voters. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes is one hell of a leader. Over the summer he and Tyrann Mathieu spoke to their teammates about the importance of voting. That's when Mahomes shared the story about how he registered to vote, only to learn that his registration had been canceled. No one told him. He just happened to look it up ahead of addressing the team. This seems like a problem!

Mahomes was undeterred. He even helped pay to make sure that Arrowhead Stadium was open and available for use as a polling place yesterday. That's great work by him and the Chiefs. It's something to build on. And this is in a state that has voted Republican in eight of the last 10 presidential elections (Hi, Bill Clinton.).

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs shouldn't be the ones in charge of making sure everyone has a chance to vote. The 2020 election has again revealed a number of problems with the current electoral system, right up to when and how to count ballots, which is why we don't officially know who won the election right now.

Whatever - or whoever - caused the problems with the post office delivering all ballots on-time, it was so damn important this year. The people who mailed in ballots in plenty of time wanted to vote. They took the steps to do so safely during a pandemic where it was in everyone's best interest to vote by mail.

Once this is all sorted out, maybe the people who won their elections should start working on a system that works for everyone when the next election cycle rolls around. Maybe they shouldn't wait until the night of to try and change the rules. There has to be a better way to do this. In the meantime, thank Patrick Mahomes and people like him for trying to help people vote.