Patrick Mahomes is Actually Pretty Good According to Cris Collinsworth

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The NFL season kicked off on Thursday night with the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs hosting the upstart Detroit Lions. The Chiefs were without Travis Kelce, who was injured, and Chris Jones, who was holding out, so they were far from full strength, which meant that Patrick Mahomes would have to carry the team to victory and NBC's Cris Collinsworth was not afraid to say it, proclaiming during the pregame that America would find out how good Mahomes really is.

Many people took note of this comment because, well, Mahomes is a two time MVP, two time Super Bowl champion and two time Super Bowl MVP. He's taken the Chiefs to five consecutive AFC Championship Games and has been known as one of the most talented players ever the entire time. I mean, Chris Simms asked Mahomes about possibly being the best quarterback ever earlier in the broadcast.

It just goes to show that no matter how good of a broadcaster you are, sometimes you say something like that. That's not why you get the big bucks, but it is why you get to say that and keep making them.