Patrick Mahomes Wants to Count His Money and His Rings

Patrick Mahomes gets it.
Patrick Mahomes gets it. / Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes just won his first Super Bowl. He has aspirations for more. And he's taken note of how the guy who has accumulated the most shiny trophies in football has gone about adding to his collection.

Mahomes, the 32nd-highest-paid quarterback in the NFL last year, has been tremendous value for the Kansas City Chiefs. His rookie deal expires in a little over a year and a half and the price tag for his services figures to be magnificently opulent.

But money isn't the only thing. In fact, getting Scrooge McDuck-like sacks can be detrimental to winning football games, as there's less to spend on other positions. Mahomes realizes this and has authorized his agent to let the public know he's not only thinking about himself.

Strong shades of Tom Brady.

Now, this is what's being said in open air. What's going on behind closed doors could be totally different. It's no accident that this little nugget makes the young superstar appear both wise beyond his years and like a team player.

This, of course, is part of what's made Brady so beloved. His habit of taking less to do more is a huge part of the Patriots' dynasty. Having a supportive and high-earning spouse has worked out very, very well for Tom Terrific.

Speculation right now puts a potential Mahomes contract extension at over $200 million. He won't really reset the market, of course, because few (if any) quarterbacks can approach his talent and value. Kansas City will pay him whatever it takes because he has realistic potential to be the greatest ever. Everyone knows this.

It would take something drastic to cause Mahomes to play his football in anything other than a Chiefs jersey. Everyone expects him to build something spectacular and long-lasting. These comments from his agent prove that he's seriously considered the blueprints and budget. As foreman, he's signaling he'll do whatever it takes to make the completed project the best it can be.

The lessons of Brady are resonating. His path could be imitated. And in Mahomes' case, it's possible the success can be duplicated.