Pat McAfee Suspends Relationship With MyBookie After Dave Portnoy Goes Scorched Earth on Offshore


Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has gotten into a public feud on Twitter with a sports betting site called MyBookie. Portnoy tweeted out that he was unable to place a $250,000 bet on Texas Tech during the national championship game last night because he was in Minnesota, where sports betting remains illegal.

MyBookie took this opportunity to call out Portnoy for not using their site to place the bet, claiming that they would have taken that kind of money and Portnoy simply didn’t try hard enough to find somewhere to place the bet.

As a result, Portnoy tweeted out a video explaining exactly why he didn’t use MyBookie and why no one should be using MyBookie for any kind of sports betting.

Many people responded to Portnoy’s tweets with complaints of their own about MyBookie, including many scenarios where they didn’t receive their payout, and accusations of shady practices by the offshore betting site.

The entire series of events caused Pat McAfee — a former Barstool Sports employee and personality — to cut his ties with MyBookie and explained that he wasn’t aware of any of the accusations that have come to light during the feud.

MyBookie has certainly gained notoriety as a result of the situation, but it’s hard to imagine their business will be thriving after such a public exposure and losing a high-profile endorser.