Pat McAfee's Sources Say Russell Wilson Does Not Have Multiple Parking Spots

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee /

Yesterday, Shannon Sharpe turned some heads when he appeared to drop some insider information regarding the Russell Wilson situation whilst ranting about the Denver Broncos on Undisputed. Sharpe yelled to Skip Bayless that the Broncos need to take Wilson's private office and parking spots away after how he's played this year. This is obviously noteworthy because what man needs more than one parking space and what kind of influence does Wilson really wield if he can demand and receive more than one parking space from the coaching staff/ownership group?

The claim quickly circulated around the NFL world. Quick enough that Pat McAfee looked into it and was ready with a refute less than a day later. On Wednesday's iteration of his show, McAfee explained the parking situation at the Broncos' facilities (with some very helpful graphic arrows) before stating that his sources said Wilson does not have multiple parking spots.

Glad that's settled. Although Wilson's truck is so large it wouldn't be a surprise if he edged over the line and took up two spaces, anyway.

This was one of those things that seemed too over-the-top to be true, even for the real-life soap opera that can be professional sports. Turns out it was.