Pat McAfee Presses Ian Rapoport on Possibility of 18-Game Season and... FOUR Expansion Teams?


Ian Rapoport appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday. Rapoport was asked about the rumor that there would be an 18-game season and four expansion teams. Here's the McAfee clip that shows the host is a much more tenacious interviewer because of his recent experiences trying to get straight answers out of Aaron Rodgers.

McAfee was referring to this radio hit by NFL reporter Benjamin Allrbight. During a radio appearance he said that the league wants to get to 18 games and that scheduling would be easier if there were 36 teams. The four expansion cities being discussed are London, Toronto, San Antonio and St. Louis.

The four expansion teams is the wildest thing you may ever hear. How thin do rosters feel every week right now? Imagine spreading that not just over another game, but over four more teams. Absolute hubris to even suggest it. And there aren't enough NFL-level quarterbacks to go around as it is.

However, 18 games sounds right, in the way that everything in the NFL is wrong. The NFL is the only sport where every team doesn't have the same number of home and away games. It's a competition thing. It was always the end game and Rapoport begrudgingly admits that once the money gets big enough, it will probably happen.

McAfee also mentioned the second bye week, which is how the league could have expanded the season without adding extra games. Unfortunately, the horse is out of the barn and they've already moved to 17 games. They aren't getting rid of it, so the only way forward is to add the 18th game.