Pat McAfee Calls Out Bill Simmons Over FanDuel Numbers: 'Keep Running Your Mouth, Bill'


The Bill Simmons - Pat McAfee feud you didn't know you needed escalated on Monday morning with McAfee taking a shot at Simmons' FanDuel parlay numbers and telling The Ringer founder and CEO to "keep running your mouth, Bill." Here's the clip from Monday's Pat McAfee Show, via Awful Announcing.

"I think Bill Simmons, who has it all figured out. I think he had like 8,000 people riding alongside of him. That's a huge number that did not hit. That's really big. Really good, Bill. You still have it. I think we had 250,000 people or something like that? Yeah, keep running your mouth, BIll. Keep running your mouth."

Who knows what exactly prompted McAfee to take a direct shot at Simmons this morning, but The Sports Guy has done some impressions of McAfee on his podcast recently. Here's Simmons explaining how McAfee's show works back in January.

This feud has real potential. Simmons should feel free to respond whenever he wants. As the Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization at Spotify he's already targeted such high-profile foils as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Meanwhile, there's no one at ESPN who can tell McAfee what he can or can't talk about. So if these two want to go at it for the sake of content and podcast pride, then there's no one who can stop either of them.