Pat McAfee Discusses Brett Favre Lawsuit During Radio Row Broadcast: 'I'll see you in court, pal'


Pat McAfee is being sued by Brett Favre. If you hadn't heard, we'll let McAfee tell you in his own words how this came to pass. It sounds like about a week ago a lawyer (from New York) sent the popular podcast host a letter asking him to take down any video where he discussed Favre. When McAfee did not, he got another letter with a deadline attached. According to McAfee, the deadline passed and he didn't remove the videos because he was busy learning how to play pickleball. Now he's being sued alongside Shannon Sharpe and a Mississippi state auditor.

To be honest, McAfee does not appear concerned with the legal action. In fact, he seems kind of amused by it. If nothing else, he found it interesting enough to share with the audience on his show.

"The quotes that were in that lawsuit were certainly accurate, but there's one word I believe that was said often on this particular program if you were to watch it all and that would be allegedly."

If you missed the original story that McAfee was discussing, here's a summary from ESPN:

Favre became involved in the public fraud case in 2020 after investigators in White's office discovered that at least $77 million in public money from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds, earmarked for the neediest families in the state, instead was used to line the pockets of rich and powerful Mississippians.

According to a state audit and civil lawsuit in which Favre and dozens of others are named as defendants, Favre was paid $1.1 million in TANF funds for speeches White has said Favre never made. Favre eventually paid the money back, but the state auditor demanded Favre also pay $228,000 in interest.

McAfee reiterated that he was simply reporting the news before explaining his legal strategy.

"A lot of people are wondering how my lawyers are going to handle this. You know it - I ain't got 'em. So let's ride this f-cker. I'm excited to see how it goes. I'll see you in court, pal."

This has trial of the century potential.