Pat McAfee is Beardless

Pat McAfee during his sideline reporting stint
Pat McAfee during his sideline reporting stint / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Pat McAfee has found massive success in the sports media realm after playing seven seasons in the NFL. His five-day-a-week show is fun, he gets great guests, and demonstrates a rare rapport with each of those guests that results in some of the best interview soundbites you'll find in the media game.

McAfee also has a signature look dating back to his playing days, gelled-up hair in a swirl with a beard of varying length. Until today. McAfee announced on Twitter he had shaved his whole face for apparently the first time in his life and looks like a "cot damned child."

Honestly, it's a little bit jarring. I don't think of McAfee's beard when I think of McAfee; it isn't a featured part of his whole look like it is for someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick. But it is an accessory, and one that I only just realized has completed his image after years in the spotlight.

It'll be weird to see him beardless when he appears on-screen next week. But as they say about all good things: they must come to an end via razor.