Paris Hilton Returns to Television to Raise Awareness for NBC's Coverage of 2024 Paris Olympics

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

The 2024 Paris Olympics are coming up. Some people may not know it, but they're going to take place in Paris in 2024. To help advertise this fact NBC made an ad featuring Paris Hilton, whose name is also Paris.

The ad starts like a perfume or jewelry ad, but quickly transitions into highlights from sporting competitions before cutting back to Hilton who says, "Oh, the other Paris."

No notes required.

I personally hope that Hilton is in for more than just one 20-second ad meant for NFL Wild Card weekend. Who better to promote the Olympics than she? I would just love to know what percentage of the audience is completely confused by who she is.

Hilton seems to exist in a weird era that nostalgia hasn't technically consumed yet. Her heyday was the early 2000's. Her sex tape and reality show, The Simple Life, both predate the Kardashian media empire having both come out in 2003. She had a brief acting career, but has kind of disappeared from the gossip blogs over the last decade while she was DJing. These days she apparently designs tracksuits.

She would have been perfect for an ad promoting the 2008 Beijing Olympics, except that isn't her name. Makes you wonder how long the people over at NBC have been kicking around this idea. Possibly since 2017 when Paris was originally selected to host the '24 games. Or maybe someone saw her on CNBC a year ago talking about her NFT collection and telling people to "buy the dip."

Whatever the circumstances, let's hope this relationship continues. Hilton needs to be on the ground in Paris covering the Olympics for NBC. There is no other option.