Paige Spiranac Slammed an Instagram Troll with a Perfect Response


Paige Spiranac has made a name for herself on Instagram as she works towards earning a place on the LPGA Tour. Spiranac, who has won a small professional event, now has nearly 850,000 followers on Instagram and she has gotten plenty of attention from not only fans, but also media outlets and companies.

Of course with that small bit of fame comes people who are not only jealous, but just downright mean. The Internet is full of these people who constantly feel the need to put others down based on their looks, skills, or political views. Spiranac knows this, but sometimes these trolls need to be put in their place.

On Saturday, an Instagram account that specializes in “Satirical PGA news coverage, sub-par stuff,” shared the image of Spiranac below along with a blurb of text that reads, “The ‘I suck at golf but not at exploiting myself’ starter pack.”

Spiranac responded to the account saying, “The nobody pays attention to me in real life so I started a crap Instagram page where I follow more people than follow me and put others down to get some type of validation that my life actually has the slightest purpose starter kit.”

Her response shouldn’t even be necessary because it is her life and she can live it however she wants.

She was then backed up by many who not only ripped the account, but said they were also female golfers who she has inspired.

Some people just need to take a step back and re-evaluate before they slam someone they know nothing about.

Keep doing you Paige, if this response shows anything, it is that you can work towards your dreams in many ways and inspire people to do the same.