Paige Spiranac Fires Back at Critics After Posting on Instagram

By Michael Shamburger

Paige Spiranac’s pro tour debut at the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters ended with her missing the cut, prompting many to continue to bash her for even being invited to participate in the event. Spiranac was there on a sponsor’s exemption because she’s made a name for herself on social media and as a sponsor, who wouldn’t want someone with a following like hers participating and expanding their brand?

After her trip to Dubai was over, Spiranac mentioned that she’d be taking a break from social media and that maybe the pro tour wasn’t meant for her, but that didn’t last long and Spiranac posted the following on her Instagram account:

"I know I said I was taking a break but I also said I was going to quit golf which obviously isn’t happening?? And this post took about a minute to do so don’t worry I have alllllllll day to practice haha because we all know I need it?"

Steve Elling of GolfBlot took a shot at Spiranac for her latest post and the Instagram sensation fired right back.

Sure, Spiranac has a long way to go before she makes a name for herself on the course, but she doesn’t deserve to be ripped for parlaying her social media success into opportunities to actually play. Of course there will always be someone who disagrees with that and believes that just because she’s pretty and posts “saucy” pictures she isn’t working hard on her game when that more than likely is not the case.

As Luke Kerr-Dineen said, “Here’s to hoping Spiranac has the last laugh.”