Demi Bagby Threw the Greatest First Pitch of All Time Before Padres-Rockies

Demi Bagby
Demi Bagby /

The San Diego Padres had bodybuilder and crossfit star Demi Bagby throw out the first pitch before their matchup with the Colorado Rockies last night. If you, like me, didn't know who Bagby was before this, you certainly do now. Because it was the greatest first pitch of all time.

Before tossing the pitch, Bagby not only pulled off a perfect backflip, she followed it up with a split. Then she threw the ball. And used the hashtag splitter when she posted it on Instagram. Outstanding execution all-around.

I can't really imagine a first pitch getting better than this. Maybe if Simone Biles goes for a full set before throwing out her own first pitch? Or perhaps if another gymnast does one of those series of insane backsprings from the bullpen to the mound. That would top it.

But since both of those are unlikely, Bagby holds the championship belt for first pitches for now.