Mustache Debate Divides Padres Clubhouse

San Diego Padres Spring Training
San Diego Padres Spring Training / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages

Major League Baseball has returned as games kicked off in the Cactus League on Friday. Spring training means players ramping up for the regular season, but it also means social media teams from across the league are expected to give their A-game content-wise. The San Diego Padres' Twitter account started a debate on Friday that may reverberate throughout the season.

It all began with a simple question. Padres players were asked, "Whose has the better mustache, Matt Carpenter or Trent Grisham?" The results revealed deep divisions in the clubhouse.

Before seeing how everything played out, here are your champions:

Watch what unfolded:

Carpenter won 16-5, but it should have been 21-0. Even Grisham conceded the match at the end (with some hilarious help from Jake Cronenworth). But the fact that it wasn't unanimous is telling. Team leaders were split. Joe Musgrove went with Grisham, while Manny Machado favored Carpenter. Could these divisions pop up in other ways long-term? Only time will tell. Alarming stuff for sure. Meanwhile, Josh Hader rode the fence like a veteran politician and picked both. That's not how this works, Josh!

Side note: I love reliever Steven Wilson taking the time to kiss his owner's ass by extolling the virtues of Peter Seidler's mustache. That was just beautiful. Well played Steven, well played, indeed.