Pacman Jones Explained the Story Behind His Latest Arrest to Pat McAfee

Pacman Jones with Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk.
Pacman Jones with Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk. /

Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested early Monday morning after a fight at a Cincinnati night club. According to court documents obtained by WCPO and TMZ Sports, Jones was charged with assault after punching and kicking a bouncer until he was unconscious. This afternoon Jones appeared on the Pat McAfee Show to explain his side of the story to McAfee and AJ Hawk.

Jones told McAfee that he was talking to the DJ when a bouncer at the club, who Pacman says was thrown out of another bar last week, got into it with Jones's brother. By the time Jones turned around they were already on the floor, so he says he stepped into try and break it up. At this point, punches and chairs started flying. Pacman said, "I did what I needed to do," but also told McAfee that he was done fighting, unless it was celebrity boxing around 170 pounds.