Lambeau Field in the Snow Without Fans is One Final Depressing Image of Sports in 2020

Lambeau Field
Lambeau Field /

The Green Bay Packers will host the Tennessee Titans in the Week 16 Sunday Night Football matchup. It should be a great game with Green Bay trying to clinch the top seed in the NFC and the Titans fighting for a playoff spot in the AFC. On top of pitting two playoff teams in primetime late in the season, the game will have one of the most beautiful and historic backdrops in sports -- Lambeau Field in the snow.

The only thing more beautiful than football in the snow is football in the snow at Lambeau and the crowd shots of fans who are crazy enough to attend the games. It's a shame we won't see tens of thousands of Packers fans, dressed like this, trying to stay warm as their teams play a game that matters late in the season.

Packers Fans Keep Warm in Cold Green Bay
Packers Fans Keep Warm in Cold Green Bay / Robert Riger/Getty Images

Then think about the dozens of shirtless idiots sprinkled throughout the stadium, begging to get on the broadcast. Winter weather football at a full Lambeau Stadium is truly art. But tonight there will be no fans. It will just serve as one final reminder of what football and sports looked like in 2020.

Happy New Year, indeed.