Dan Graziano Will Be a Legend if His Bold Jordan Love Prediction Comes True

Dan Graziano
Dan Graziano / Getty Images/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers has won a single Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers. One could argue he should have more, though there's much disagreement over who would be to blame for that underachievement. Rodgers' window to add another is closing and the franchise answered his plea for offensive help by selecting his successor, Jordan Love, in the first round of the NFL Draft. Not great!

There was much consternation over the Love pick but if he fulfills the bold prediction voiced by ESPN's Dan Graziano, the Packers will emerge in a decade or so as universally renowned geniuses. The bold prediction, explored a bit on Get Up this morning, was that Love would bring more Super Bowls to Green Bay than Rodgers when all is said and done.

Now, is such a thing coming to pass unlikely? Yes. But I ask you, dear reader, how are the other people in this shot allowed to laugh at this? It's supposed to be a bold prediction.

What's he supposed to say? That Patrick Mahomes will win the MVP? That the Lions will make the playoffs?

No, no. When someone allows you the latitude to say something mildly crazy, you swing for the fences. And look, it's not as though Graziano claimed that NFL games will be officiated by kittens in 10 years or something. Love could, conceivably, walk in the hallowed footsteps of Eli Manning when all is said and done.

What I absolutely refuse to accept is the peanut gallery out there trying to prematurely clown this brave reporter or snitch-take Old Takes Exposed. You cannot hold a person's bold prediction against him after he's asked for a bold prediction. We must preserve some of society's order.

It'd be insane to complain that the bold and zesty Chex snack mix is too flavorful. You know what you're getting into, and if you can't handle it, stick to a safer form of sustenance.