Packers Suspend Jaire Alexander For Objectively Hilarious Reason

Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers are still harboring playoff hopes and have an enormous game coming up with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. They will be without the services of cornerback Jaire Alexander, who was suspended by the team for an outrageous incident that happened last week against the Carolina Panthers.

Alexander was not announced as one of the Packers' game captains because he was not a captain. This didn't stop him from going out for the coin toss with the real captains and calling the toss. Then Schrut-ing it up to the point an official had to step in and save Green Bay from kicking off to start both halves.

Here's Alexander following his coin-toss crash. You'll be struck by just how much he doesn't get it. Get any of it, really.

This is an incredibly funny development for everyone except Packers fans. Because now Justin Jefferson will present an even larger problem. All because the team felt they had no choice but to suspend Alexander for doing far too much. It really shows how much a person can accomplish if they simply act like they belong. For him to not just go out to midfield but have the audacity to call the toss and make a decision is the exact type of mentality you'd want out of a cornerback.

Or not.