Packers Fans Have Taken Over a Chargers 'Home' Game in Los Angeles

Ryan Phillips
Packers fans Chargers
Packers fans Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Green Bay Packers fans have stormed Southern California and taken over this week's game between their beloved Packers and the Los Angeles Chargers. It's yet another embarrassment for the Chargers who, in their third year in Los Angeles, can't seem to find enough fans to pack a 25,000-seat stadium.

Check out some of the ridiculousness from today:

Chalk this up as yet another embarrassment for the Los Angeles Chargers. They still can't sell 25,000 tickets to their own fans in LA. The crowd is packed full of Packers fans, with a number of empty seats and some Chargers jerseys sprinkled in. In a huge game for the franchise coming off a win last week and the franchise still can't find enough people to come out and support the team.

Of course you'll hear the narrative coming out of LA that this happened to the Chargers in San Diego as well. Yes, it did, but only a handful of times in more than 50 years and only when the team was bad. This is happening every week in Los Angeles.

Just move them back to San Diego already.