Packers Fan Writes Letter to the Editor About Indecent Exposure on Lambeau Videoboards

Ryan Glasspiegel

"After attending the Green Bay Packers preseason game on Aug. 28 I was appalled that the camera operators showed fans in the stadium such as a woman lifting up her shirt and another in a sports bra. This is from a Packers organization that will not allow opponents cheerleaders to perform because of their revealing uniforms. This is rather two-faced and should be better controlled. Do we really want to teach our many young children in attendance that this is acceptable behavior?"

There are some relatively valid arguments that we shouldn’t be teaching our children that it’s alright to watch football. But, putting those aside, I can understand why people who have different sensibilities than I do would want sporting events and broadcasts to be PG. That being said, the jumbotron operator can’t exactly control people’s behavior after the camera is already on them, and sometimes that will result in some exposed mid-riff.

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