Packers President Mark Murphy: Aaron Rodgers is a 'Complicated Fella'

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The gap between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers looms as summer OTAs and minicamp begins in Wisconsin. Rodgers, of course, is not there. All eyes are on Jordan Love and if he can show enough improvement from an unremarkable Year 1 to ensure the Packers aren't totally screwed if they can't figure it out with their Hall of Fame quarterback.

There's a few months left on the clock yet to come to a resolution, though. How likely that outcome is remains relatively unknown; outside of James Jones' monologue on The Herd last week, we the people still don't really know for sure what Rodgers' biggest problems are or how the Packers can soothe his ills in that regard.

Packers president Mark Murphy is not in an enviable position, to say the least. He said in his monthly letter to Packers fans that the situation has divided the fanbase, which is unsurprising. Then, during an event at Lambeau last night, he summed it up simply: Aaron Rodgers is a "complicated fella," as former GM Ted Thompson described the QB. Per NBC Green Bay:

Murphy was addressing conversations he used to have with the late Ted Thompson, who was the Packers general manager from 2005 to 2017.

"I'm often reminded though... of Ted Thompson, as most of you know, just a great general manager, passed away (earlier this year)," Murphy said. "(Thompson) often talked about Aaron, that he's a... and it wasn't just Aaron, a lot of different players. He would say 'He's a complicated fella.'"

"So, I'll just say that," Murphy said.

I suppose that does summarize all of this nicely. Rodgers has always been a bit of an enigmatic personality, although I would say that perception changed when he started making weekly appearances with Pat McAfee this season. His dispute with the team is certainly complicated given that we've repeatedly heard it's not as simple as merely getting rid of GM Brian Gutekunst or trading for another weapon or what have you.

Time is running out for the Packers to figure this out, complicated or no.