Pablo Sandoval Still Looks Like Pablo Sandoval at Spring Training

By Ty Duffy

Spring Training is here. Pablo Sandoval, who is nicknamed after a Panda, is fat. Boston Red Sox media acted predictably.

Believe it or not, Pablo Sandoval was also fat in 2015.

Sandoval did lose some weight before 2014. His defense was a little better. His offense took a slight decline.

But, he was fat in 2013. Reading into how fat Pablo Sandoval was was already a cliché. Multiple Pablo Sandoval falling after seeing food memes were extant. Even Vin Scully was throwing shade.

Not clear how Sandoval’s weight correlates to performance. He was large when in charge during the 2012 World Series.

Red Sox fans will hope some of that Kung Fu Panda magic returns in 2016. Sandoval was terrible last season. Heftier players don’t tend to age well. The 29-year-old still has four years and $72.4 million left on his contract.