Pablo Sandoval Showed Up to a Red Sox Workout Looking Like Pablo Sandoval

By Jason Lisk

Pablo Sandoval is nicknamed the Kung Fu Panda. That comes from a movie character involving a rotund Panda who motivates himself by thinking about food constantly, yet somehow has surprising athletic ability. He’s had that nickname for awhile.

In other words, it’s not news that Pablo Sandoval is a bit pudgy. If you were to pick out the beer league softball team of MLB players, Sandoval has been a long-time member. In a surprise to a few people who forgot who he was, Sandoval showed up at a Boston Red Sox workout wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a little bit of a belly hang. Here’s Sandoval from last October just to prove that he didn’t suddenly turn from Chris Sale into a giant bear.

I don’t know what my favorite part of this is, that ESPN is going to fill your day with “Pablo Sandoval is fat” discussion, or that this account had the nerve to ask for a hat tip.

My kingdom for a panel of handwriting experts breaking down whether  Alex Rodriguez' apology letter makes him a sociopath or not instead.