Ozzie Guillen Wants to Fight Jon Heyman, Calls Him a Clown on Twitter

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Tony La Russa saga in Chicago has taken another unexpected turn this week. After another unprecedented move by the 77-year old manager, White Sox broadcaster and former manager Ozzie Guillen called La Russa "Rick Renteria with credentials." Jon Heyman of the New York Post tweeted about this comment, suggesting Guillen might be trying to get his old job back. A day later Guillen challenged Heyman to a fight on Twitter. First, here are Heyman's tweets about Guillen.

And here's Guillen firing back after he says that he realizes he's about to get in trouble with his employer, NBC Sports Chicago, and his wife.

Heyman did engage Guillen on Twitter, but has so far ignored the charity boxing invitation.

Heyman has taken aim at Guillen in the past. He has noted his issues near the end of his tenure as manager of the White Sox in Sports Illustrated, and then when he was at CBS he called out Guillen's "all-time idiotic comments" praising Fidel Castro while he was managing the Miami Marlins.

The White Sox play the Guardians tonight with the pregame show airing on NBC Sports Chicago at 6:30pm local time. As of right now, La Russa and Guillen are both active.