Other Things that We are "Just Sayin" in Honor of Frank Isola's Matt Harvey vs. Knicks Comparison

By Jason Lisk

Sometimes, you have to laugh through the tears. I mean, I could break this down with an in-depth discussion of why this makes no sense, but I would be dumber for it. I think we found a candidate to appear on an ESPN debate-type program, because this is giving debate a big fat bear hug right here. (oh wait, never mind).

So instead, here are some other sport-ish type semi-related things that we are just sayin.

  • The New York Knicks also have more wins than the Seattle Seahawks in the last year. Just sayin.
  • Tiger Woods went to Stanford. Did you know Stanford men’s basketball has won more tournaments than Tiger Woods this year? Just sayin.
  • Jimmer Fredette has more field goals in his career (and more posts on our site) than Adam Vinatieri. Just sayin.