Oregon State's "Chainsaw" Creates Amazing New Low For College Football Songs and Dances

Billy Madison - Insanely Idiotic (Academic Decathlon)
Billy Madison - Insanely Idiotic (Academic Decathlon) / Danny Foots

Oregon State did something bad. Real bad. Watch this 2-minute, 5-second video and be astounded by the awfulness. “Chainsaw” is supposed to be a rap song about cranking it like a chainsaw. You know, like beavers do. There is also apparently a dance in there too, but all I saw was a version of that move where your drunk uncle pretends to start a lawnmower at a family wedding.

The NCAA should sanction Oregon State for creating this. A twenty year bowl ban would be understandable. This is horrible. Oregon State presumably spent money on this. All the bad school songs that we have seen over the last year are now immediately better. There is really only one response to this video.

If for some reason you would like to perform this dance at your Oregon State tailgate, don’t forget to pick up your official Oregon State Beavers Rico foam chainsaw.