Oregon is Selling 25 Different Marcus Mariota No. 8 Jerseys. Amateurism!

By Jason McIntyre

Marcus Mariota, the QB of the Oregon Ducks who could be the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL draft, will be one of the most popular players in college football this season, and here’s just one way to tell: The school is selling 25 different versions of Mariota’s No. 8 jersey.

Green, white, black, florescent, with wings, for women, apple, green, gray, youth, I could go on and on and on but you can just scan that link above and poke around. Twenty-five versions of the No. 8 jersey of a college kid who happens to be a Heisman favorite. The school will profit, but Mariota won’t see a dime. He’s just an amateur! Fans root for the school, not the player!

[Hey, wait, if it’s all about the school, why don’t the jerseys just say Oregon, with no number? Huh? What? Oh. Ok.]

But it gets better, as ESPN notes, because amateurism is the best! Michigan is offering 17 versions of No. 98, QB Devin Gardner; Notre Dame is selling 15 different No. 5 jerseys (returning QB Everett Golson) and Alabama’s online store features 10 different versions of No. 4 (star RB T.J. Yeldon).

In a down year for SEC QBs – they all left for the pros – and with Ohio State’s Braxton Miller already out for the season, Mariota will be leading the national QB discussion all season. (And then he’ll be picked apart the same way Matt Barkley and Teddy Bridgewater and everyone else who stays in school gets torn to shreds.)

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