Oregon/Duke Kerfuffle Settled: Dana Altman Told Dillon Brooks to Shoot


Either Dana Altman sat on a grenade for his star player, or this actually happened: The Oregon coach was the one who ordered the code red. And by code red, I mean, telling Dillion Brooks to take a 30-foot 3-pointer with the shot clock winding down and :10 left in a game that was over.

Here’s what Altman said on the Colin Cowherd show Friday:

"“That was my fault. There was a difference of about 6-7 seconds on the shot clock. He was 30 feet from the basket, I just told him to shoot it so we wouldn’t have a turnover. I didn’t think he’d hit it. That was my fault. I told him to shoot it. If anybody’s upset, they should be upset with me, not Dillon Brooks.”"

Duke’s Coach K was unhappy with the shot – which is dumb, because what’s Brooks supposed to do, just give up and give the ref the ball? It’s a 30-footer! – and let Brooks know about it in the handshake line afterward.

Then Coach K denied saying anything, which made it worse.

Oregon plays Oklahoma Saturday at 6 pm on CBS for a trip to the Final 4.