Out of Control Eugene College Party Results in Epic Local News Interview


University of Oregon students threw an epic party in Eugene this weekend. The party kicked off at 10am and got so big that police had to respond. There were an estimated 500-1,000 people in attendance, including "underaged drinkers, college kids and even middle-aged parents." KEZI spoke with Oregon senior Mark Riemers and it was everything you want from a story like this.

"There are no oceans in Eugene, but there was a sea of people."

This kid should start a party public relations business where holds press conferences and says things like, "Only wild allegations were thrown. Nothing was thrown guys, come on." And, "It was a peaceful gathering and it was a good time." I'm convinced. Even if this is how the location was identified on Google Maps.

Best doxing ever?
Best doxing ever? /

Obviously, this brings to mind the legendary television interview from the early days of the modern Internet. In 2008 a young Australian man named Corey Worthington took the Internet by storm after he threw a party that got out of control. He went viral after he showed up shirtless on the local news wearing yellow sunglasses where he was interviewed by an unimpressed anchor.

The party would inspire the movie Project X. Worthington showed up in an insurance ad for a company that sells insurance for short-stay housing just last year.

He also appeared on Australian Ninja Warrior in 2018.

Reimers has some big shoes to fill.