Here's How Not to Peel an Onion

Onions. / Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

In this fast-paced world where meal prep has become such of a nuisance that dozens of companies thrive by selling pre-prepared food that makes cooking easier, there remain a few among us who still savor a more deliberate approach to cooking. We are not Michelin chefs or trained experts. We are merely people who understand the satisfaction that comes with a well-crafted meal cooked from scratch.

That satisfaction ends in the finished product, yes, but the real pleasure comes from the process of preparing the meal. From buying the produce to chopping to seasoning to adjusting the seasoning to plating, each element matters. Which brings us to this barbaric way of peeling an onion.

This is not the best way to peel an onion. It's the best way to make yourself cry from all the onion juice that just shot out of that thing and now covers your cutting board, ready to influence the flavor of your other produce soon to be cut on the same surface.

Sure, if you're cooking a soup and blending the vegetables together, you could go this route. Or, as you're already over halfway done with peeling the onion by halving it and pulling out the core, you could just peel the skin off yourself. It takes about 15 seconds, would create less of a mess and then you could cut said onion in a more uniform way, resulting in more even slices.

Really, I should have known someone in this day and age would try and find a shortcut for something as time-less consuming (and quite satisfying) as peeling an onion. Alas, I had higher hope for humanity. That hope is now smashed in a pool of onion juice and I'm tearing up because of it.