One of the Three Teams Interested in Josh Rosen Appears to be a Perfect Match

Bobby Burack

On FS1’s Undisputed, Joel Klatt revealed that he knows three teams interested in trading for Josh Rosen. Klatt named the New England Patriots, the New York Giants, and the Los Angeles Chargers as those teams. He added that one of those has already offered a second-round pick, but Arizona is waiting for a first.

Don’t fool yourself, Rosen can be a really good quarterback in the NFL if given the right tools to work with. Many may believe his poor rookie season represents who he truly is. But last year he was put in a position 90 percent of young quarterbacks could not succeed in with an embarrassingly bad roster around him. Rosen projected better than all of the quarterbacks in this upcoming draft and some team could hit the lottery upon trading for him.

If the Patriots can acquire the prototypical quarterback, the Cardinals better hope Kyler Murray – assuming they draft him – is a game-changer.

New England, in particular, would be a home run. Rosen can sit back, and learn from Tom Brady for a year or two before taking over the offense. Not only will that do wonders for his game, but that system, with Bill Belichick, surely won’t let Rosen be anything less than above average. There is enough reason to believe Belichick is hell-bent on winning without Brady and this marriage could make him as motivated as ever.

The Chargers and Giants look like solid fits for Rosen. The Chargers would allow him to sit behind Philip Rivers, but there is much less confidence here the team will be in good hands moving forward given their odd history. In New York, he would have the benefit of Saquon Barkley but the Giants just traded away Odell Beckham Jr. and could end up putting unrealistic expectations on Rosen as the heir to Eli Manning.

It is all about the fit for one Josh Rosen. But there is real potential here. Given that New England is the best landing spot, some team may want to offer a late-first just so they are not set up too well post-Brady.