Gymnast Olivia Dunne's Fans Force LSU to Up Security

LSU v Utah
LSU v Utah / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Olivia Dunne is the most popular gymnast in America. The LSU star is a TikTok influencer with 6.8 million followers and is the highest-earning woman in collegiate athletics. So when the Tigers compete, meets have a tendency to turn into madhouses. Her fans have repeatedly disrupted events. As a result LSU is increasing security at its events.

Dunne responded to the repeated disruptions by asking her fans to be respectful of other gymnasts.

The 20-year-old is a junior at LSU and is incredibly active on all her social media accounts. She currently has 3 million Instagram followers and posts about once a week. Some are gymnastics-related, others are the typical shots you'd expect from a 20-something college student.

Dunne has gotten so popular she was even at the ESPYs in 2022.

Olivia Dunne
2022 ESPYs - Arrivals / Leon Bennett/GettyImages

Dunne is currently injured and out of LSU's lineup but her fans are showing up regardless. Hopefully they calm down a bit and don't disrupt any more meets.