Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly Involved In Brawl At High School Football Game


Chad Kelly is the quarterback at Ole Miss and widely considered one of the top players at his position in the 2017 NFL Draft class. Despite some previous character concerns, Kelly has impressed scouts this year. Which is what makes this story from Friday night even more insane.

Kelly was attending a high school football game at his alma mater St. Joseph’s in Buffalo during Ole Miss’ bye week. A brawl broke out during the game after Kelly’s brother Casey took a late hit from an opposing player. After that hit, Kelly immediately ran onto the field and appeared to mix it up with players on the field and an the opposing team’s sideline. He had to be restrained and escorted away.

Here’s video and some still shots of the incident:

" Here is some of Timon/Joes brawl… Chad Kelly ran across field to opposing bench(early in vid), later gets pushed back to sideline. pic.twitter.com/HkEa8Ki9jJ — Tom Martin (@4TomMartin) October 8, 2016 "

From the video it’s clear that Kelly escalated the situation by running on to the field and either fighting or looking to fight (we can’t tell from the video) the opposing team.

The game was suspended after the brawl erupted.

Look, I get that seeing your brother get hit late out of bounds is a tough thing to watch, but this is a moronic move by Kelly. I’m sorry but fighting with high schoolers is not the way you conduct yourself if you want to be taken seriously by NFL scouts and executives.

This is not a good look for a guy who already got kicked out of Clemson due to “conduct detrimental to the team.”