Ole Miss Crowd Goes Bonkers For Extremely Intense Floor-Mopper


Ole Miss has a nice little basketball team this season. After taking down rival Mississippi State in Oxford last night, the Rebels are 18-3 on the campaign and can have somewhat realistic aspirations of competing for the SEC title over the next five weeks. Whatever the preconceived ceiling was for the year has been greatly lifted.

But that's not what's important. What's important is that they have a floor manager on staff who treats the job like a matter of life and death and will lay it all on the line at the drop of a hat.

If there's any β€” and we do mean any β€” wetness on that court then he's going to sprint like a bat out of hell to get after it, showcasing a combination of talent, grit, and hustle not seen since Brian Cardinal hung up his sneakers.

And if you're thinking, oh, bet the crowd absolutely loses their shit when he gets the green light to spring into action then you couldn't be more correct.

College. It's the best. That's why everyone can look crippling school loans they're still paying into their forties right in the face and be somewhat okay with it-- the memories are priceless.