Old Guy Makes Death-Defying Catch in Last Row of the Wrigley Field Bleachers

By Mike Cardillo

Mark Reynolds went deep during Monday night’s Brewers/Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Mike Pullin, 65, seated in the last row of the bleachers made this amazing catch to get himself a souvenir, keeping it from landing on Waveland Ave. Thankfully he kept his balance, otherwise it could have taken a tragic turn.

At this point some would take it upon themselves to criticize an adult (of any age) bringing a glove to a baseball game (or the jersey tucked in to jeans), but hey he’s going home with a well-earned souvenir. Apparently, via the Twitter machine, Pullin also threw the ball back but swapped it out for another ball.

Take a bow, sir.

UPDATE: Muskat Ramblings provide a little detail on Pullin and why he likes the last row of the bleachers.

[Vine via @brandonrifkin]