Beyond the Upset: Fall of Oklahoma Hurts More than Norman

By Geoff Magliocchetti
Oklahoma v Kansas State
Oklahoma v Kansas State / Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Do not play the "Drink Every Time You See the Sooner Schooner Flipping Over Last Week GIF On Your Timeline" game. You will die.

The fall of the covered wagon served as spooky foreshadowing to this brutal weekend, as the Sooners fell by a 48-41 final to Kansas State in Manhattan. Currently in fifth in the AP Top 25 rankings, the Sooners will not only tumble there, but they've already lost their stranglehold of the top of their Big 12 grouping.

With the Oklahoma loss, the Bears' destiny is their own. Baylor now stands alone as the only undefeated team in the Big 12. The fall of the Sooners also gives the Bears a bit of insurance to at least compete in the conference title game. Oklahoma falls into a three-team logjam for second place with their loss. Baylor already defeated one of those teams (Iowa State) and will face the other two (Oklahoma and Texas) later next month. On the other side, Baylor also benefits from such a big Kansas State win. Unlike OU, they marched into Manhattan and won handily to the tune of a 31-12 shellacking.

You'll never hear anyone in Austin actively root for a Sooner victory, but a respectable loss in the Red River Shootout suddenly loses a bit of forgiveness. The two-loss Longhorns' margin for error, slim as it was, now shutters entirely. After today's dangerous visit to Fort Worth to play TCU, the victorious Wildcats from KSU await, followed up by two ranked squads: Iowa State and the aforementioned Bears.

Penn State
Elite undefeated teams from Power Five conferences made up the top six of the AP's poll. The Sooners and Nitanny Lions were battling it out at the bottom of those rankings, but PSU can probably move into the top five, and possibly further, depending on how their matchup with Michigan State goes. Second-ranked LSU has a dangerous tilt with Auburn later Saturday.

Florida, Georgia, Notre Dame, Auburn, Oregon, Utah
Welcome to the hellish logjam of the deadly dozen, OU. Their new brethren of near-perfection welcome them with open arms, especially when they gaze upon Oklahoma's schedule. Yes, the Sooners are one of the more exhilarating teams in the nation, but, of their seven victories, only one (Texas) came against an opponent that entered Saturday with even a winning record. It's not like Kansas State is a cellar-dweller, but a combination of a questionable loss and easy wins could prove to be disadvantage as Oklahoma fights for air and separation.