Oklahoma State: Tatum Bell Denies Talking to Anyone from Sports Illustrated


Tatum Bell, a former Oklahoma State running back from 2000-2003, claims that he never spoke to anyone at Sports Illustrated. SI released the first in a series of articles regarding corruption within the Oklahoma State football program on Tuesday morning. Bell is listed as having received bonus payments along with several other former Cowboys and is accused of having visited the home of Joe DeForest and receiving cash while there.

The article claims that Bell “denies ever receiving any money from DeForest”, but Bell denied having spoken to anyone at SI.

Bell went on WWLS The Sports Animal and spoke his mind on the piece claiming that he never received any money, has never been to Joe DeForest’s house, never had any “handshakes” with any boosters, and that boosters were not allowed in the locker room. Bell also claims that the program’s restrictions became tougher after the hiring of Les Miles and that he used to make money ironing people’s jeans and throwing parties.

"If scrub players were given money, I don’t understand why good players were never given money."

Bell hasn’t been the only player mentioned to speak out against the article, former Oklahoma State quarterback Josh Fields has also spoken out saying that he is “in disbelief”.

While it’s still very unclear exactly what the goal of the article is, Bell and Fields have added an interesting twist to a story that is already receiving a lot of criticism.