Oklahoma State Football Player Dating Cowboys Cheerleader,As She Saw Him on TV & Thought He Was Cute


Zack Craig, an Oklahoma State senior safety, is a very lucky young man. Jordan Daigle, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, was watching the Oklahoma State – Oklahoma on November 24th last year when she saw Craig go to midfield for the coin toss. She thought he was cute. Her friend went online, looked up Craig on Twitter and made her follow him. Understandably, Craig wasn’t immediately certain a Cowboys cheerleader looked him up online out of the blue. (Keeping in mind this was before Manti Te’o introduced college football to catfishing.) From the Tulsa World:

He asked his older sister, Mallory, an OSU grad student: “Do you think this girl is real? Do you know someone who’s trying to play a joke on me?”

Amazingly, this was really happening. Craig was able to find her on the Cowboys Cheerleaders website and they started talking over Twitter. By May they were Facebook Official and taking turns driving the 4 hours between Stillwater and Dallas over the summer.

Now for the moral of the story. Craig got to walk out for the coin toss because he had an exceptional game against Texas Tech the week before the Oklahoma game. Hard work pays off. You block a punt and return it for a touchdown and you get to date a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.