Oklahoma State Blocks Wes Lunt Transfer Options, Lest Mike Gundy Look Bad Indirectly

By Ty Duffy

Oklahoma State will not grant quarterback West Lunt an unfettered transfer to multiple schools he was considering. The school will restrict him from SEC schools (Vanderbilt and Tennessee) and from joining former offensive coordinator Todd Monken (Southern Miss). From his list of five, that would leave Louisville or Illinois.

An OSU spokesman told CBS Sports the decision was “between Lunt and Coach Mike Gundy.” Lunt has zero power in that situation, so…yeah.

First, the NCAA placing any restrictions on transfers is unfair and hypocritical. If athletes are indeed “students” and not serfs, they should have the opportunity to attend the academic institution of their choice, to participate in extracurricular activities at said academic institution and to accept any aid grants said institution wishes to confer. If these rules are so critical to sports integrity, why do coaches not have “non-compete” clauses in their contracts? Their departures are way more devastating.

Accepting the reality such restrictions are allowed, these seem egregious. None of the three schools are on Oklahoma State’s schedule. Maybe Vanderbilt or Tennessee face the Cowboys in a bowl game (also a possibility with Illinois). The only rational reasoning is preventing Lunt from succeeding in a better conference or with a former coach. Both might, indirectly, make Mike Gundy look bad. Even Randy Edsall backed down from such pettiness.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]